Catalytic Oxidation of Carbonaceous Materials


  • V. Slovak Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava-Poruba


The current research on oxidation of carbonaceous materials is primarily aimed at detailed understanding the mechanism of interaction of carbon with oxygen and at studies of the influence of inorganic substances on the process. Oxidation of graphite as a model compound with oxygen is a complex process, the interpretation of which is still contradictory, above all in the field of an influence of structure arrangement on the oxidation reactivity. Studies of soot oxidation has been recently focused on determination of the process kinetics and searching for substances lowering the soot combustion temperature. As catalysts, oxides and inorganic salts of metals are investigated. The study of catalytic oxidation of coal and coke, containing both organic and inorganic substances, is complicated. The research is aimed at common substances in ashes and at substances used as additives to coal and coke used as energy sources. Attention is also paid to coal pyrolysis and its potential affecting by various catalysts.



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Slovak, V. (2001). Catalytic Oxidation of Carbonaceous Materials. Chemické Listy, 95(3). Získáno z




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