Aluminium, Gallium and Indium Nitrides - Advanced Materials in Electronics


  • J. Stejskal Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague,
  • J. Leitner Department of Solid State Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Structure and physical properties of the metal(III) nitrides and their solid solutions are reviewed. Thermodynamic parameters of the binary nitrides as well as of the ternary solid solutions are summarized and discussed. Various methods of deposition of epitaxial layers and structures of these materials are described. The metal organic vapor phase epitaxy as the leading epitaxial technology is presented in detail including the thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of growth of the metal nitrides. Current optoelectronic and microwave applications of the nitrides are briefly mentioned.



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Stejskal, J., & Leitner, J. (2002). Aluminium, Gallium and Indium Nitrides - Advanced Materials in Electronics. Chemické Listy, 96(5). Získáno z